IMAGINA BIOTEK aims to transform research in the area of information technology in innovative solutions that add value to its costumers and society in general

Our team has more than ten years of expertise regarding Information Technologies directly applied to Health Care institutions and Semantic Web technologies applied to research activities

Big data and semantic technologies

The explosion of sequence data requires new tools and management strategies. These new approaches include more than technical evolution. They involve cultural changes that create greater value by sharing data between institutions. Nowadays, big data is far from a buzzword, with daily generated data now rating on the petabyte scale.
Follow us to learn how we are applying open source and cloud computing to data management and combining public data with experimental data.



For researchers

IMAGINA BIOTEK provides systems where information related to new compounds being tested in clinical trials, their primary and secondary outcomes, scientific articles in which these trials are cited, etc, is dynamically retrieved and shown to the professional.

For physicians

Decision Support Systems will help physicians in diagnosis and treatment related processes in different disciplines such as Oncology, Neurology or Cardiology among others.

For Patients

But above all, patients will have access to the most suitable information related to their conditions in order to take the best decisions which will improve their quality of life.


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